Pig Lengua – the Language of the Future



What is Pig Lengua?
If you feel you can’t express yourself freely, you need to learn Pig Lengua. Pig Lengua will be the only language in which you will be able to communicate your ideas, opinions, thoughts or emotions with no fear.

Where does Pig Lengua come from?
The origins of Pig Lengua come from the mixture of Spanish and English. However, it can be used in many languages by applying one language’s pronunciation and spelling to another, French with Spanish pronunciation, Spanish with German pronunciation and so on. This class teaches the original Pig Lengua, English/Spanish.

How does Pig Lengua work?
Spoken Pig Lengua is different from written Pig Lengua. To speak Pig Lengua all you have to do is apply the pronunciation of Spanish vowels and consonants to the English language. Rules will be explained in detail during the class.

Who is Ms. Pig Alien?
Ms. Pig Alien is a Pig Lengua native speaker coming directly from Piglandia, a galaxy from the future, to teach us to speak her language. She holds the equivalent of a Ph. D. in Pig Lengua Education and has vast experience teaching throughout the Universe. Due to her tight schedule and numerous professional commitments, she is not able to teach all classes. However, Ms. Pig Alien works with
qualified representatives on every galaxy.


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