My work addresses issues of social and political content. Comments on migration, war, identity, translate into site-specific installations and multimedia pieces including video, performance art, photography and drawing.

In more recent projects, I have presented these themes as items for consumption in which the use of mass media marketing tools emphasize the intent to turn poverty, gender, and displacement into saleable products. In some cases, I apply my own image as a selling tool and play with cultural stereotypes related to my Latino background. As a Colombian-born and naturalized American citizen, I use my insider/outsider view of American culture to reveal realities and inner struggles through unsettling video pieces, playful scenes, and satirical infomercials.

In most of my pieces the spectators are presented with a particular issue and expected to interact with the piece. In some instances through video or photography that directly engages their sense of space and in others by addressing them directly in a happening/performance art piece in which the audience and their behaviors become an active part of the work.

Carolina Mayorga has had one-person and group exhibitions in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Sweden and numerous cities throughout the United States. Her work is represented in collections including the Art Museum of the Americas of the Organization of American States, the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C., Andres Institute of Art, New Hampshire, Universidad Nacional, Bogotá, Colombia and Kronan Sculpture Park in Lulea, Sweden. The artist lives and works in Washington, DC.